Raft IN ACTION is an integral part of the white water sports company EssaOnia - Esprit Rafting created in 2004.
With our 12 years of experience in the organization and management of white-water sports (rafting, hydrospeed, kayak, canoraft), we wanted to develop via RAFT IN ACTION a range of RAFTING and HYDROSPEED high-standard products, for people wishing to practice these activiies on the best courses and with the best conditions.
Like EssaOnia-Esprit Rafting, RAFT IN ACTION is a structure with a human dimension:  far from the "big factories" of the sector, our priority concern is to give you the best of what we know and master. During each outings, we try to make you share our passion in the respect of a certain ethic: quality, professionalism and respect are the  founding dimensions of our structure.
We propose you to get of the beaten tracks and share with us our vision of white water sports: sensations, adrenaline, surpassing oneself, fun, commitment, pleasure!

For this, we propose you to revisit the classic courses (the program 'Intense Isere" of RAFT IN ACTION has nothing to do with the Isere descent proposed by our competitors) or to discover other courses, a little or not proposed (hydrospeed on the Doron de Bozel for example).
We do not pretend to revolutionize the practice of white water sports; just to give more panache and commitment, to you make you want to go further and discover all of this white water universe.

To do this, all our outings are done in little committee, with low framing rate for a maximum of quality and security : 6 persons maximum per boat, even 4 on certain courses.
Once one the water, we forget the watch to live fully and enjoy completely the activity: we take time on the water, we share, we learn from each other, we have fun to live intensely the activity.

In order to propose you a very high quality of service and for you to take full advantage of this, we are very concerned by the equipment that we put at your disposal. This one is regularly renewed and we make use of the biggest brands of the sector : VADE RETRO wetsuits and jackets for hydrospeed, HIKO jacket and trousers for rafting, boots (5mm) to keep feet warm, foam float for hydrospeed, AVON RANGER rafts (4.20m, the Rolls Royce of rafting, ideal for an engaged and sporty sailing). And as you spend time on water, we do not hesitate to equip you with the little extras which make the difference: neoprene top 2 m and neoprene socks.

Finally, we have selected a team of professional river guides. All have several years of experience in coaching white water sports, rafting and in particular hydrospeed.

Aware of the risks related to our practices and attaching the utmost importance to safety, all our guides, in addition to holding the highest French diplomas in the field of white water sport, continue to train regularly to stay at the cutting edge of the security in white water.
All our guides are certified IRF (International Rafting Federation) : organization that  governs and promulgates international rafting rules (the IRF certification is recognized in most countries around the world).
They're also certified Rescue3 : WRT-Pro (Wildwater Rescue Technician - Pro), the most recognized certification in the world for white water safety.
The RAFT IN ACTION team is without a doubt one of the teams of guides the most concerned by the white water safety and we continually train to guarantee you the best safety as possible.

Join us to take full advantage of the river!
Hope to see you on one of our programs, share our passion and get full of sensations!!

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