The white water base RAFT IN ACTION is located on the banks of the Isereriver , in the village of Centron in the town of Aime-La-Plagne, at the entrance of the Tarentaise Valley in Savoy.

Built in 2007, the base is located on the leisure base of Centron, nearby a small lake, on a site of 1000m². Situated at the arrival of the descent of the Isere, we have a direct access to the river.
It's about 1h15 hour drive from Annecy, 1h00 from Chambery, 1h15 from Grenoble, 2h00 from Lyons or Geneva.
It's the meeting place for all our activities and then we radiate star-shaped to reach the sites of practice : rafting on the Isere, on the Dorn de Bozel or the Dora Baltea in Italy.

Composed of several wood chalets spread over a wooden area, changing rooms, toilets (dry !), a car park, a welcome and relaxation area where a drink will be offered at your arrival and at the end of the activities, are at your disposal on site. It is also possible to eat on site, tables and benches being at your disposal. Possibility for a barbecue or a lunch in a restaurant located at 2 steps.

Concerned about the preservation of our environment and aware that it's thanks to Nature that we are able to offer you our activities, we ry hard to have the least impact possible on this one: it is with this spirit that we have developed our white water base.

Conception, layout and materials used

Whenever possible, we favor materials of local origin to minimize transportation and promote a local economy network; We obtain the building timber from sawmills in the valley.

In addition, we use as much as possible natural materials and minimize wood processing where possible: all the tables and benches in the base have been made on site with local wood.

For the development, recycling and recovery are key words. Whenever possible, we strive  to add a new life to materials originally destined for the houseold waste. In this way, we want to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our consumption of manufactured products.

Management of potable water and cleaning of our suits.

We are pparticularly sensitive to the preservation of the water quality of our rivers because we are in direct contact with it during our activities. Therefore, we strive to have the least possible impact on this fragile ecosystem by minimizing: on the one hand our water consumption (drinkable water in particular) and on the other hand, our discharges (wastewater).

First of all, we equipped our base with a system of rainwater recovery to wash our suits and materials after each sailing. This system alone is unfortunately not enough to feed our washing tanks throughout the season: we complete this installation by pumping in the river.

Then, we installed Organic controlled Litter Toilets (dry toilets) : no flush but sawdust ! This choice plays on both fields : not only, do we dramatically reduce our potable water consumption, but we alos reduce the waste that we reject in nature. We compost on place the waste from the dry toilets and recycle it in our flowerbeds !

Finally, to wash our suits, we have been focusing since 2009 on a not labeled product but whose impact on the environment is as "soft" as possible. In fact, it's impossible to find on the market disinfectant products (fungicide, bactericide and virucide) "organic" : an efficiant disinfectant is necessarily "harmful"for the environment.

The company with which we work is aware of this parameter and tends to make this noxiousness as small as possible (for the environment but also for the users of the product, i.e. you who put the combinations and us who Wash them!).
This choice has a cost for our company: this disinfectant product is twice as expensive as the product we used before and which boasted to be biodegradable ....

Management of the waste and consumption product

We set a selective sorting of the waste up. This system has a real educational vocation with our clients, young and not so young.

Moreover, we prefer to buy these products in local shop, organics cooperatives, much more in phase with the human and the nature that the supermarkets...

We choose "organic" or "ecological" certified products : so, the cleaning products (dishwashing liquide, soap) are all certified, as are the tea and coffee that we offer before and after each descent (drink served only in reusable dishes)

So yes, of course, some will think : "still a company that surfs the wave of organic and ecological" ! We are well aware of our limits and contradictions : yes, our rafts and suits are from the petrochimical industry. Yes, we use fuel for our shuttles.

We are an company existing in a capitalist world where the profit only count and we do not escape this reality. We accept the rules of the game but we try hard to make choises that we judge fair and oriented that things evolve in the right direction. In al modesty and so that we can enjoy for a long time of what the Nature has to offer.

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